Deccypher's Dev Tracker for "7 Days To Die"

Welcome Survivalists

A18 is out and some major changes have taken play check out the new xml defaults if you need a fresh copy ( in the other tooks xml defaults)
check out me on twitch ( if im not play wow classic im playing 7 days to die :)

PIMP Of The Month

Deccypher's PIMP of the week
Clare trying the impossiable job of making everyone happy, due to the many problems with Iron Galaxys port of 7d2d and their unwillingness to directly comunicate witht heir customers, the dev team set clare as a leasion between the pimps and ig to get infomation asap. constantly batteling for information and updates from both teaaams to keep her console buddies happy. Definitely the right choice for PIMP OF THE MONTH